Upon its recent 20th Anniversary, the mission of the brand and company (under the leadership of a new Corporation- DIG / Durban Innovation Group, LLC.) has split into three operating units (1) Planet X 2.0 - a fulltime focus on innovation and student media programs including a soon-to-be announced college TV and digital channel product-line, a global high school journalism program and an extensive roster of STEM / STEAM products and events that will help to connect students worldwide, (2) a new original studio operation under the Ten Planets brand (and under the leadership of a former top executive from Sony) and (3) a full roster of new digital channels, TV properties and special events ...  all under the Many Planets of Planet X - Planet X World - Planet X Sport umbrella and sub-brands.



Building upon the 20 year status of the Planet X TV brand as a pioneer in the world of action, adventure and extreme sports, Planet X Sport is the next generation product line that will see activity in numerous markets worldwide (Planet X has been a high profile sports brand in many foreign markets with local action and activity including South Africa, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Caribbean). Under the leadership of the founders of Reef Surfer and via their facility in Seattle and other sites in key markets, the new Planet X Sport will set a whole new trend in quality action TV and multi-platform sports programming (soon to be in 4K video).

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